Planning Applications

I will support and guide you through the entire process, from initial feasibility to full planning approval.

This includes submitting pre apps and negotiating with planning authorities. I can also produce the following documents to support your planning application.

  • Planning Statements
  • Design and Access statements
  • Heritage Statements
  • Transport Statements
  • Construction Management Plans
  • Affordable Housing Statements
  • Statement of Community involvement

I can work with your appointed architect, but I also have my own great contacts with a range of consultants. They can help with:

  • Drawings
  • 3d visuals
  • Tree surveys
  • Transport assessments
  • Parking surveys
  • Daylight and sunlight assessments
  • Affordable housing viability
  • Flood risk assessments/SuD’s
  • Energy reports
  • Environmental surveys
  • Bio-diversity reports
  • Conservation and listed building appraisals
  • Legal advice/case law opinion.

I can project manage your planning application, oversee its submission, and liaise with the officers during determination. Post planning, I can help clear /remove conditions and sort out any Community Infrastructure Obligations.

I am happy to be appointed at any point during the planning process. I often bring a fresh perspective to what may appear to be an intractable problem.

Planning Appeals

If you have been refused planning, please contact me for a free appraisal.

I will review the decision and tell you if an appeal is going to be viable. If the council’s concerns are robust, I will tell you. However, I can often also suggest solutions to overcome the council’s reasons for refusal.

My rates for appeals are competitive. Householder appeals start at £550.00. Commercial appeals start at £650.00.

If you submit an appeal, I will:

  1. Give you advice as to which type of the appeal is appropriate.
  2. Write a robust statement of case. This will consider the site and its surroundings, planning history, precedents, an assessment against planning policy and an evaluation of the council’s reasons for refusal.
  3. I will tell you whether there are any reasonable grounds for costs.
  4. Submit the appeal statement and all the necessary supporting documentation.
  5. I will keep you updated about the progress of the appeal.
  6. I will also give you a timescale for the appeal.
  7. If required, I will review the Inspector’s decision and provide post appeal advice.

Site Appraisals

Do you own, or are you thinking of buying a building or a plot of land to develop? I can tell you whether this is going to be a sound investment.

Producing drawings is the most expensive part of the planning process. However, they are often done by non-planning professionals. Sometimes, they do not fully consider all the planning constraints and issues that a planning officer is likely to raise when they determine the application.

I can identify everything from the outset. An appraisal will eliminate doubt and avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. It will inform the scale and design of the development, ensure the development meets any necessary planning requirements.

I can also outline procedures, timescales, and the likely costs for a planning submission.

Other Services

Prior approval (Classes MA, AA, AB and ZA)

Do you own, or are you thinking of buying a commercial property to convert to a residential use under the prior approval process? I can help you navigate this complex process and secure the relevant approval.

Post planning assistance

Do you want to make changes to an approved development? I can assist with minor amendment applications. Prior to implementing permission, I can also deal with any community infrastructure levy obligations, or where appropriate, secure an exemption.

Planning Objections

Do you think you are going to be affected by a proposed development? It can be as small as your neighbour’s extension or as large as a 500 unit housing development. I can act on your behalf.

Certificates of lawfulness

Do you need to establish the lawful use of the site or determine whether an existing use or a proposed extension falls under permitted development? I can help.


If you find yourself at the receiving end of an enforcement notice, I can give you the best advice as to how to remedy any alleged breach of planning. Or I can submit an appeal to quash or amend the requirements of the notice.

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