Has your planning application been refused?

If you have been refused planning permission, send us an email, or call for a free appraisal.

We can review the decision and tell you if it is worth submitting an appeal. Or we can suggest solutions to tackle the council’s reasons for refusal.

If there is an in-principle objection, or the council’s concerns are robust, we will tell you. We don’t take on appeals that don’t stand any chance of success. That would be a waste of your time and money.

Our rates for appeals are competitive. Householder appeals cost £450.00. Commercial appeals start at £700.00.

Submission of a planning appeal:

If you submit an appeal with us, we will: 

1. Give you advice as to which type of the appeal is appropriate. 

2. Submit the appeal statement and all the necessary supporting documentation. 

3. Write a robust statement of case. This will take into account:

·       The site and its surroundings;

·       Relevant planning history;

·       An assessment against national and local planning policy;

·       An evaluation of the council’s reasons for refusal; and

·       Any recent case law and similar decisions to support the case.

4. We will tell you whether there are any reasonable grounds for a costs award.

5. We will keep you regularly updated about the progress of the appeal.

6. We wlll also give you a time scale for the appeal.

7. If required, we will review the Inspector’s decision and provide post appeal planning advice.  

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